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Adelaide Office: Balir athol , Adelaide,SA, Australia

Adelaide Number: (08) 81667576

Sydney Office: Suite 2,Level 1/20A Auburn Rd, Auburn NSW 2144

Sydney Number: 0401 822 834

Melbourne Office : Suite 7/73 Robinson St,Dandenong VIC 3175

Melbourne Office : (03) 9008 7280


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At some point in our lives, most of us will need to seek legal advice. Whether we’re buying a house, setting up a business, or going through a divorce, the expertise of a lawyer can be invaluable. At Landmark Legal & Migration, our team of experienced lawyers and solicitors are here to provide you with the guidance you need to achieve the best possible outcome.

Litigation (Traffic, Criminal, Debt)
Business Law
Immigration & Visa
Family (Divorce, Property Settlement)
Property (Conveyancing, Commercial & Retail Leases)
Will + Estate Planning


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If you’ve got any questions about your legal situation or how Landmark Legal & Migration can help you, read on below for answers to some of the most common ones we’ve already been asked. 

There are no initial upfront costs. You can come for your initial consultation and discuss your case with a member of our team free of charge. From there we will be able to determine the scope of the work and provide you with the best and fairest price for the services.

If your case is a Personal Injury Claim or Family Provision Claim then you won't need to pay us until we win your claim. Ask us about our No win no fee policy to learn more.

Payment is simple. We accept cash, credit cards, and eftpos.

Payment plans are available on a case by case basis and will need to be approved.

Our strength has always been in serving our local communities and this often meant helping our clients navigate the legal process in a language they are not fluent in.

There are many ways that lawyers or solicitors can help you. They can help you to understand and navigate the legal system, represent you in court proceedings, draft and negotiate contracts, and give advice on a variety of legal matters.

In short, they can provide valuable assistance at every stage of the legal process. Whether you need help with a personal matter such as a divorce or child custody case, or a business matter such as setting up a new company or negotiating a lease, your lawyer or solicitor will be able to provide expert guidance.

In addition, they can also act as mediators in disputes between parties, and help to resolve problems without the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation. In short, lawyers and solicitors can be an invaluable resource for anyone who needs legal assistance.

In Australia, the term “lawyer” is used to refer to both solicitors and barristers.

Solicitors are primarily responsible for providing legal advice to clients and handling their legal matters. Barristers, on the other hand, are primarily responsible for representing clients in court.

In some cases, barristers may also provide legal advice to clients, but their primary focus is on advocacy. Both solicitors and barristers must be accredited by the relevant legal bodies in order to practise law in Australia.


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